Kayaking-Saint even the held

Holy same The Held = > Holy Father Port


17 kilometers


5 to 6 hours


Canoeing and Kayaking


Adult: €28

You will embark in your canoes or kayaks from the Port of Saint even the held, historical place of the transport of salt in the country of Retz.
The first part of the walk will be wooded and in the heart of the valley of the held. It will also be the occasion to discover the Château du Branday or the jump of the deer. After a few hours of sailing, change of scenery and you will find the large spaces and swamps of the held.

It will surely be time to stop for a picnic in the wilderness. You will then join the Pheasant Port and Saint Mars walks of Coutts.
After six hours of browsing on average, you lunchtime the base getaway Nature place of arrival of the ride.