Saint March of Coutts

Saint Mars of Coutts = > Port Saint Père


3.5 miles


1.5 hours


Kayak or Paddle


Adult: €14

The starting point of the stroll is located at the port of Saint Mars of Coutts. You will board your kayak or stand up paddle on the held river. The hold of the small fishing port is ideal to start safely. From the first meters, you will pass under a first bridge itself surmounted by the manor of Saint Mars. A 15th century building that allowed monitoring of river traffic.

After a few strokes of paddle, you will find yourself in the heart of the marshes of the Lake Grandlieu nature Reserve. This is the perfect time to slow down and take the time to watch the many birds and other marsh animals.

In the middle of your stroll, you will discover a mysterious island formed by the junction of the held and the Acheneau before you finish your stroll to the campsite of Port Saint father.